U is for Underworld

Tony’s fiancee Felicity died of cancer, and even though she found a god who promised to cure her, the Irish trickster god of magic Gwydion, he insisted that she toss runes for it, and Felicity lost. (This is a modern world setting in which the miraculous powers of the gods are an accepted part of daily life.)

After the funeral, the Irish priests give Tony a letter from Felicity, who asks Tony to venture into the Underworld of Hades, who has claimed her because her parents worship the Olympian gods. Tony recruits Felicity’s best friend Marshall to take him on the road to the Underworld, and Marshall agrees to do it if he can film the trip using a psi-camera. But

When Tony finally gets his audience with the King of the Underworld, Felicity makes one more request of him that turns his life around. He won’t get back to the mortal world until this adventure is over, but at least he’s still with Felicity–even if she’s in disguise, hiding from Hades, and working for Gwydion on a secret mission to rescue the Irish faithful from the Greek underworld!

S is for a Soldier’s Duty

Al, Tony, and Jeff are only teenagers, but when alien invaders start landing and wreaking damage all across America, they’re drafted into a special state militia and trained on plenty of state-of-the-art weapons gear to help protect their local area–which includes Mount Rushmore.

But during one skirmish with the enemy, Jeff discovers a puzzling secret–the invaders aren’t aliens, but human. Aside from Jeff’s mom and Al’s girlfriend, the guys have no idea who they can trust. Why are the invaders acting like they could be aliens, and why are the state militias buying into that idea?

Together, they’ll have to break into classified files and threaten superior officers to get to the whole truth!