I’m Out of Sync at Newmyths.com

Hi again! I’m very excited to announce that my science fiction story “Out of Sync”, about a grandfather who goes into a TimeBubble room to live longer and see more of his family’s big days, is available as part of NewMyths.com‘s issue 40! NewMyths.com is a great market, I’m so excited to be one of their authors now, and encourage you all to donate and support them if you can!


O is for “Out of Sync”

Jack has terminal cancer. Lucky for him, a TimeBubble building just opened up in his city. For a very reasonable price, he rents a room with a TimeBubble installed, so that time passes inside just as quickly as he wants, with respect to the rest of the world. If he isn’t looking forward to anything in the next few weeks, then he can just go to bed and wake up in next month, ready to spend some special quality time with his family.

But living in a bubble starts to take a tool on that connection between Jack and his family, especially his grandkids, Mindy and Sebastian. Mindy is disappointed that Jack never comes out to watch her play basketball, and Jack snaps at Sebastian when he pushes the Panic Button to talk to Jack while he’s in his room. Can JackĀ figure out a better way to spend the few days that he’s got left than hiding from all the ordinary days?