C is for “…Think of the Children”

Tom and his wife Melanie have lived all their lives on the generation ship Santa Maria, and they’re going to die there. At first, they’re overjoyed when they find out that they’re the first couple from their generation cohort approved to have a baby. This means that their child will be the first one who’ll be around when Santa Maria reaches the end of its journey, and it gives them social capital to shake up the status quo run by the powerful Warrmos and Kennson families.

But in the months before Melanie’s due date, she and Tom get drawn into a power struggle over the fate of Santa Maria. There’s a secret hidden in the computerized records that somebody is willing to kill them for. Even Odin, the ship’s AI avatar, has been compromised. How can they be sure who to trust?

I love the plot of “Children” because of the generation starship setting, because of the deep themes of responsibility and entitlement that run through it, and I’m really excited about the thrilling suspense of Tom and Melanie’s story! I’m not ready to start shopping it around to agents just yet, but stay tuned for updates!