Do you want to come to Fantasy Camp?

It’s not just a place to go for the summer. It’s a lifetime of adventure!

Fantasy Camp was founded by the US government, in collaboration with several prominent international partners, after the discovery of the Chilton Wardrobe. The Wardrobe is the only artifact yet discovered to have a magical effect in our world, (officially designated Continuum 1,) possibly because the nature of its effect is that of a portal.

Put something in the wardrobe, (such as yourself,) close the door, open it again, and the contents will be transported to Continuum 2, Fantasy Land, arriving inside what is apparently a second wardrobe. Actually, new studies suggest that the two sides are actually the same wardrobe, which has the property of existing in both continua at the same time.

The second place that the Chilton Wardrobe exists is the middle of Fantasy Camp, where it is carefully guarded so thatĀ Fantasy Land natives can’t steal or destroy it.

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M is for Magic Milkshake

Danielle’s mother has started mixing up the best milkshakes for her. She can’t get enough of them. But ever since the milkshakes started, Danielle’s life has been changing.

She used to be serious about homework and proud of her track record with the hurdles. But now she seems to be spending more time around Matt Brown than outside running. And Matt didn’t use to like her either, did he?

Just what is Mom’s plan with the milkshakes? Can Danielle figure out the magic before the spell of the milkshakes has run its course?

(I seem to be on a roll with mothers interfering in their daughter’s lives this week, aren’t I?)