A Valentine’s Day Curiosity!

And it’s published!

The Valentine’s day episode of Gallery of Curiosities podcast, Love is a Curious Thing, was released this morning featuring my story Love is a Masterpiece.

Gallery of Curiosities is also asking for donations towards buying stories; I know that they want to buy many more stories and maybe even move to paying more than one cent a word; both goals that I definitely approve of. So if you listen and like my story, then it’d be really cool to donate!

Coming soon to Gallery of Curiosities–and a speaker near you!

Okay–I sold a story!

Love is a Masterpiece has been accepted by the Gallery of Curiosities podcast, (my first story sale!) and will be released as a podcast soon!  More specifics will follow as soon as I have them to share. I hope you feel like taking a listen, and maybe if you like it, donate to GC to help them pay authors like me!

L is for Love is a Masterpiece

Cassandra’s mother has arranged for her to marry a house-painter, Geoffrey. And Cassandra has made her peace with that. But Mother’s meddling didn’t end there. She’s arranged to have Cassandra and Geoffrey go through Frigga’s tunnel of love, a truly magical place devoted to one of the living gods.

When a couple go through the tunnel together, Frigga passes judgement on them, and will either bless them with love, or exact a contrary emotional punishment. Cassandra isn’t eager to defy her mother, but she won’t go into the tunnel without a fight, because she doesn’t want her emotions to be tampered with by a goddess.

Sorry, I’m a bit late with this one and will cut it short. See you tomorrow!