J is for Jewelry

Sorry, but ‘Jewelry’ is going to be one of those rambly idea topics where I’m not quite sure why I picked this. The clearest connection I can think of to a book I’ve written is in “Gotta Have That Look”, where the ubiquitous piece of electronic tech that everybody uses is a Smartlet, a piece of wearable tech that goes around your wrist like a bracelet, or maybe more like an armband.

But it’s definitely one of those notions that’s going to pop up again, maybe in “Never Found” (stay tuned for that under N,) or the Witch of Arion/Storm Mirror universe. Part of the fascination dates back to the first D&D books I ever read, where jewelry was one of the major treasure categories, along with coins, gems, and magical items, (which could also be jewelry, such as magic rings!) And jewelry is more interesting, to me, than coins or gems, because they’re items that are made for esthetics and a kind of a function, (admittedly an esthetic function,) as opposed to coins, which are made simply to be a medium of exchange, and gems, which are found and then possibly cut down for esthetics.

Another thing that jewelry associates with me is that quite often, wearing it is something that’s powerfully feminine. (Yes, I know, ornamentation is fundamentally passive, but you can have an active, dynamic female character who still likes to dress up and wear jewelry. 😉 )

I guess that’s it for now. What are your favorite examples of jewelry in fiction? Magic rings like the ones in Lord of the Rings of The Vampire Diaries?

G is for “Gotta Have That Look”

In a world where anybody can go to their local Transform-U outlet and get an injection to completely change their physical appearance… 😉

Jimmy Shelton has a crazy crush on the new girl in his high school, Diane Wells. And he’s sure that if he can find the right makeover, it’ll win Diane over. But no matter what he tries, things just seem to get worse for him!

I love the idea of what this kind of genetic tech would do once teenagers get a chance to play with it. What happens to the superficial side of the mating dance when all it takes is money and an appointment to look as pretty as you can imagine?