I’m up on Amazon!

A bunch of really exciting announcements coming soon… this is the first!

My short urban fantasy story “Tough Love” is in the April edition of SciFan magazine, which comes out on Friday. It’s a new and small market, but they seem to be interested in just the same kind of stories that fascinate me, so I may try to show up in their pages again.

Check it out if you can spare a buck or so, and read a bunch of other cool modern-ish fantasy at the same time!

Belated Reflections on A to Z challenge 2015

Well, the instructions for the Reflections List said to post by Friday the 8th, but the list is still open so I’m sneaking in. 😉

This is my fifth time in the A to Z challenge, but I do feel like it was something of a new beginning because I was launching the new author blog. It was definitely a great impetus to post nearly every day, and to go visit lots of other writing bloggers. I’m pleased with the 26 things I shared in April.

I’m still not quite sure what I’m going to do with my author blog in the months to come, but I hope you’ll drop by and take a look for yourself.

Coming soon for the A to Z challenge

Okay, I’m Chris Kelworth and this is my author blog. Not much here yet, but I’m going to be doing a big launch with the A to Z challenge in April, so stay tuned!

Oh, and you can find some cool stuff on my old blog, The Kelworth Files. That one isn’t an author blog, so it has a lot of rambling about the writing process and other random stuff.