I’m Out of Sync at Newmyths.com

Hi again! I’m very excited to announce that my science fiction story “Out of Sync”, about a grandfather who goes into a TimeBubble room to live longer and see more of his family’s big days, is available as part of NewMyths.com‘s issue 40! NewMyths.com is a great market, I’m so excited to be one of their authors now, and encourage you all to donate and support them if you can!


Yay! I’m third On the Premises this month.

I’m pleased to announce that my hyperspace navigator story “Stretch Points” is the third place winner in the “On the Premises” contest for their issue 29. You can read it here. And while you’re there, check out the first place story, which is by Mark Bilsborough!

A Valentine’s Day Curiosity!

And it’s published!

The Valentine’s day episode of Gallery of Curiosities podcast, Love is a Curious Thing, was released this morning featuring my story Love is a Masterpiece.

Gallery of Curiosities is also asking for donations towards buying stories; I know that they want to buy many more stories and maybe even move to paying more than one cent a word; both goals that I definitely approve of. So if you listen and like my story, then it’d be really cool to donate!

Coming soon to Gallery of Curiosities–and a speaker near you!

Okay–I sold a story!

Love is a Masterpiece has been accepted by the Gallery of Curiosities podcast, (my first story sale!) and will be released as a podcast soon!  More specifics will follow as soon as I have them to share. I hope you feel like taking a listen, and maybe if you like it, donate to GC to help them pay authors like me!

Do you want to come to Fantasy Camp?

It’s not just a place to go for the summer. It’s a lifetime of adventure!

Fantasy Camp was founded by the US government, in collaboration with several prominent international partners, after the discovery of the Chilton Wardrobe. The Wardrobe is the only artifact yet discovered to have a magical effect in our world, (officially designated Continuum 1,) possibly because the nature of its effect is that of a portal.

Put something in the wardrobe, (such as yourself,) close the door, open it again, and the contents will be transported to Continuum 2, Fantasy Land, arriving inside what is apparently a second wardrobe. Actually, new studies suggest that the two sides are actually the same wardrobe, which has the property of existing in both continua at the same time.

The second place that the Chilton Wardrobe exists is the middle of Fantasy Camp, where it is carefully guarded so that Fantasy Land natives can’t steal or destroy it.

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W is for a Witch of Arion

Nashua is a witch.

She never really thought about it until Fox’s Fair comes to her city and her mother takes her to enjoy the fair. There was a witch there telling fortunes, and the witch got upset with the way Nashua’s mother was treating her and got offended, using her powers to humiliate Mother.

When Nashua mentions that she’s a witch too, Mother is devastated and Father is furious. Father even uses his influence in the Baron’s court to get soldiers sent to capture the witch at the fair. The witch tries to run away and is shot.

But Nashua runs away from home, joins the fair, and asks them to leave her with the next nearest witch they know. That turns out to be a very bad idea, as the witch, Black Ear, has much darker plans for Nashua than teaching her witchcraft.

With the help of some friends she made in the fair, Nashua escapes Black Ear’s tower, but not before her soul is linked with that of a demon. To free herself, she’ll have to travel into the mirror worlds, walk the country of the dead, and perhaps most terrifying of all–go home to her family!

If you read my entry for B (birds,) then this story is in the same universe as “The Storm Mirror.” Nashua grows up to become Sorena’s grandmother. (And I’m surprised that I didn’t cover “The Storm Mirror” on A-Z this year, but it’s too late now!)

U is for Underworld

Tony’s fiancee Felicity died of cancer, and even though she found a god who promised to cure her, the Irish trickster god of magic Gwydion, he insisted that she toss runes for it, and Felicity lost. (This is a modern world setting in which the miraculous powers of the gods are an accepted part of daily life.)

After the funeral, the Irish priests give Tony a letter from Felicity, who asks Tony to venture into the Underworld of Hades, who has claimed her because her parents worship the Olympian gods. Tony recruits Felicity’s best friend Marshall to take him on the road to the Underworld, and Marshall agrees to do it if he can film the trip using a psi-camera. But

When Tony finally gets his audience with the King of the Underworld, Felicity makes one more request of him that turns his life around. He won’t get back to the mortal world until this adventure is over, but at least he’s still with Felicity–even if she’s in disguise, hiding from Hades, and working for Gwydion on a secret mission to rescue the Irish faithful from the Greek underworld!

T is for Tough Love

James is a bounty hunter for a community of wizards that live within the modern urban world, keeping their magic secret. It’s his job to track down fugitives from community law who are endangering people or putting the secret at risk. But he never thought one of the fugitives would be his own daughter.

Felicia left the community years ago, and they’ve been getting reports that she’s using magic for personal gain, charming people into giving her stuff for free, and skipping town after a sleep spell went wrong and she couldn’t wake the target from a coma.

James tracks Felicia down to her new home in San Francisco, and hurt feelings flare for both father and daughter. Felicia agrees to go and face community judgment–and then slips out when she thinks James isn’t looking. James can track her down–but would Felicia be better off if he dragged her in kicking and screaming, or let another marshal handle this case?

S is for a Soldier’s Duty

Al, Tony, and Jeff are only teenagers, but when alien invaders start landing and wreaking damage all across America, they’re drafted into a special state militia and trained on plenty of state-of-the-art weapons gear to help protect their local area–which includes Mount Rushmore.

But during one skirmish with the enemy, Jeff discovers a puzzling secret–the invaders aren’t aliens, but human. Aside from Jeff’s mom and Al’s girlfriend, the guys have no idea who they can trust. Why are the invaders acting like they could be aliens, and why are the state militias buying into that idea?

Together, they’ll have to break into classified files and threaten superior officers to get to the whole truth!