Do you want to come to Fantasy Camp?

It’s not just a place to go for the summer. It’s a lifetime of adventure!

Fantasy Camp was founded by the US government, in collaboration with several prominent international partners, after the discovery of the Chilton Wardrobe. The Wardrobe is the only artifact yet discovered to have a magical effect in our world, (officially designated Continuum 1,) possibly because the nature of its effect is that of a portal.

Put something in the wardrobe, (such as yourself,) close the door, open it again, and the contents will be transported to Continuum 2, Fantasy Land, arriving inside what is apparently a second wardrobe. Actually, new studies suggest that the two sides are actually the same wardrobe, which has the property of existing in both continua at the same time.

The second place that the Chilton Wardrobe exists is the middle of Fantasy Camp, where it is carefully guarded so that¬†Fantasy Land natives can’t steal or destroy it.

The first step in coming to Fantasy Camp is to study the language tutorials available on their website. Nationwide Fantasy Language tests identify the most promising candidates, who are then tested for wilderness survival acumen, emotional maturity, and other important traits before finally being selected. As with any other language learning, proficiency with Fantasy is more easily acquired when young, so start early if you can!

There are several modern buildings in Fantasy Camp, including the dining hall, however construction is practically limited by several factors. Motors and other high tech items don’t work right in Fantasy land, and many important supplies must be shipped through the Wardrobe. When you first arrive, as a new Pink level recruit, you’ll be sleeping in a tent with other Pink levels. Get used to using the latrine, too!

Once you’ve been through orientation, you’ll begin your language studies again with a practical application; in Fantasy Land the right words can be used to work magic. When you show progress, you’ll move to more advanced levels, upgrading your headband to show which level you belong to.

Fantasy Camp: Coming soon to something, somewhere near you! (Hopefully…)

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