T is for Tough Love

James is a bounty hunter for a community of wizards that live within the modern urban world, keeping their magic secret. It’s his job to track down fugitives from community law who are endangering people or putting the secret at risk. But he never thought one of the fugitives would be his own daughter.

Felicia left the community years ago, and they’ve been getting reports that she’s using magic for personal gain, charming people into giving her stuff for free, and skipping town after a sleep spell went wrong and she couldn’t wake the target from a coma.

James tracks Felicia down to her new home in San Francisco, and hurt feelings flare for both father and daughter. Felicia agrees to go and face community judgment–and then slips out when she thinks James isn’t looking. James can track her down–but would Felicia be better off if he dragged her in kicking and screaming, or let another marshal handle this case?