K is for “…Kitchen Scale”

“Measuring Alien Love on a Kitchen Scale” is set in the same universe as Hypermappers, though in a slightly different timeframe. Gordon is a chef from Earth, who’s come to the Libran planet of Escaleron to open restaurants in his parent’s high-end franchise chain, targeting both Earthling expatriates who’ve come to Escaleron to pursue business deals with the Librans, and the Librans themselves, who are intrigued and fascinated by certain Earthling dishes.

But as Gordon prepares to open up shop, he meets Vanessa, a local rep for the Earthling chamber of commerce, and Vanessa’s alien fiancĂ© Doomah. Vanessa and Doomah ask for Gordon’s help when they find out that xenophobic Librans are preparing a court challenge to the rights for Earthlings to own land on Escaleron, which would put them in position to establish themselves as landlords for the only Earthling town on the planet, Balance, and keep the Earthlings dependent on whatever rents the Librans choose to charge.

Like “Hypermappers,” I love this idea because it’s about Earthlings engaging with a great big wide galaxy in a new way, and the trouble that they get into as a result!

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